Pippa Middleton Is Struggling to Celebrate: New Book Not Getting Serialized In U.S.!

By Jon BoonRadar Reporter

The company publishing Pippa Middleton’s party-planning guide in the U.S. is struggling to get it serialized here, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

Now that Pippa, 29, isn’t going to be doing a tour of America to promote Celebrate, Viking Press is having trouble doing any promotion here – because everyone wants an interview with Kate Middleton’s sister and isn’t interested in serializing the book on its own.

It’s left Viking Press scratching its collective head over what to do next.

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“Viking Press are in a bit of a pickle with publicity for Pippa’s long-awaited book,” a source revealed. “They have tried to get Celebrate serialized in the States – but no one is interested in that – they just want a piece of Pippa!

“She’s garnered so much attention overseas since appearing at Kate’s wedding and America just loves the British royal family.

“When it was initially announced that Pippa was coming over for a tour, media outlets were very keen to speak with her and discuss the book. Now she’s not, they’re not so keen – and without an interview a serialization appears worthless.

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“It’s unfortunate because Pippa would have been able to step out the shadow of her sister and could have made a hell of a lot of money with TV opportunities aplenty.

“Now you have to wonder if Celebrate will be a success at all,” the source said.

It has been reported that Pippa’s U.S. book tour was postponed in the wake of the Duchess of Cambridge’s topless scandal. There was concern she would face a barrage of questions about Kate – and if she was seen to be using the royal family to promote her book, she could be viewed as poorly as Sarah Ferguson.

Celebrate is due out October 30.



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