Gayest Bar Mitzvah Ever! Awesome Madonna Vogue Dance Recreated Twenty Years Later

By Amber GoodhandRadar News Editor

Chicago native Shaun Sperling made headlines earlier this summer when a video of him at his Bar Mitzvah surfaced in which he did a full-on Madonna inspired Vogue dance — and now 20 years later he’s at it again and has both videos.

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Shaun’s coming of age as a man in 1992 became a viral sensation in August when he posted the clip on the Material Girl‘s birthday, and now 33-years-old, he recreated the dance with all the moves and Madonna button-up shirt at a gay cabaret club for a charity.

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An openly gay man now, Shaun spiced up his reunion performance by adding a couple of bare-chested backup dancers to the routine, but his Vogue moves are just as sharp and the crowd goes wild.

The original video garnered over 1 million hits, but Shaun’s latest creation is quickly gaining steam and has nearly 20,000 in just one day.

See both of Shaun’s videos below:


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