Amid Hurricane Sandy Devastation, Heartwarming Video Emerges Of Brave Rescues

By Radar Staff

As images of Hurricane Sandy‘s destruction emerge, it comes as a relief to see heartwarming video of the brave rescues being carried out, and has a clip that will really help bring on the feel good factor in the middle of adversity.

CNN affiliate WABC in New Jersey captured a scene of one family being safely brought out of their flooded home on a raft in the freezing water, and thankfully, even the beloved family pet is carried to safety.

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One member of the rescue team is shown carrying a little boy piggy back while another cradles a tiny baby wrapped in a blanket.

A third carries a bewildered little miniature pinscher dog in his arms, bringing it out of harm’s way.

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Hurricane Sandy has caused damages estimated to cost between $10 and $20 billion.

As exclusively reported, one brave NY firefighter claimed that the destruction has been unlike anyone has ever seen before.

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“What happened here is along the lines of Biblical,” Firefighter Smith, FDNY Special Operations Command, said. “There were 100 houses on fire; the levels of devastation are unimaginable.”

Thankfully this dog, baby and little boy are safe, dry and out of danger.



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