Tom Cruise’s Recruited Girlfriend, Told It Was A ‘Hush-Hush Mission’ That Would Change The World

By Amber GoodhandRadar News Editor

It gives a whole new meaning to Mission: Impossible.

Tom Cruise‘s allegedly recruited former girlfriend Nazanin Boniadi was told by Scientology honchos that she was to be part of very hush-hush mission that would in some way change the world — this is the latest bombshell from Vanity Fair‘s controversial new article.

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According to author Maureen Orth, Nazanin was summoned to an important meeting at the famed Scientology Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood in October 2004.

“She arrived to find the high-ranking Greg Wilhere, who, according to a knowledgeable source, told her she had been selected for a very hush-hush mission that would entail meeting dignitaries around the world,” the article states.

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“He added that if she succeeded she would be helping to make the world a better place.”

Nazanin began the long process of being vetted, which included a complete makeover, daily audits and the signing of confidentiality agreements.

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A month later, Nazanin was flown to New York City with Greg where they took up at the Parker Meridien before a visit to Scientology’s New York center.

“Wilhere took her to the deserted second floor, and while she was facing away from the entrance, she heard a voice say, ‘Holy sh*t. Greg Wilhere, what are you doing here?'” the article reads.

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“It was Tom Cruise.”

Cruise’s camp continues to call the entire article “lies” and denies that there was ever a recruitment for girlfriends or his ex-wife, Katie Holmes.


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