Russell Brand’s Crazy Day: Crashes Go Cart, Makes Impromptu Appearance On Two And A Half Men!

By Radar Staff

He didn’t learn to drive a car until he was 35, and it seems Russell Brand has yet to master the skill.

The womanizing funnyman was being interviewed on the CBS lot Wednesday and producers thought his appearance would play better in go-carts, but the idea quickly went awry, is exclusively reporting.

After repeatedly crashing his go-cart into the wall, the flustered former Mr. Katy Perry fled the set and wandered the halls attempting to clear his head. That’s when he bumped into none other than Ashton Kutcher and decided to become a sitcom star!

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Seeing a kindred spirit in the lusty lothario Ashton proposed that Russell make a surprise guest appearance on Two and a Half Men, which just so happened to be taping a restaurant scene right there and then.

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Russell sprang into action, hitting wardrobe and getting fitted in proper waiter attire. An eyewitness tells Radar that Russell and Ashton had a great time joking around on set and trying to out- do each other!

“No one would be in the least bit surprised if Ashton asks Russell to make more regular appearances,” a source dishes. “He thinks Russell is hilarious, and a real natural!”



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