Vitriolic Book About Kate Gosselin Written By Jon’s Pal Removed From Sale After Legal Threats

By David PerelExecutive Vice President/Managing Editor Radar

Amazon has removed from sale a shockingly vitriolic book about Kate Gosselin after legal intervention by two top law firms, is reporting exclusively.

Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, an e-book written by Jon Gosselin’s pal Robert Hoffman called Kate “sick” and in desperate need of mental help as Radar reported exclusively.

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The book featured allegations so potentially libelous that they cannot be repeated here as they lack adequate substantiation.

Now after only approximately two days on sale, Hoffman’s book is gone, removed by Amazon after the intervention of lawyers from Los Angeles powerhouse firm Lavely & Singer and Washington, D.C.’s respected Williams & Connolly.

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Much of Hoffman’s information came from computer hard drives that he claimed he found in Kate’s trash. The book was filled with what appeared to be emails from Kate, the Discovery network, contracts and personal documents, many of which he reproduced in their entirety.

Hoffman described his ongoing friendship with Kate’s ex husband Jon early in the book and bragged he was in possession of 5,000 family photos, personal documents, tax and business records plus contracts from his trash-diving computer find.

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“I’ll be sued by one or more parties before this is over,” he wrote in a prediction that hardly elevated him into the class of clairvoyant because of his charges against Kate, some of which appeared to have little or no substantiation.

While the book repeats many well-known anti-Kate stories including her endless quest for freebies, her often nasty disposition and more, Hoffman’s tome is filled with personal attacks that even the large anti-Kate audience may find excessive.

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We’re told Amazon notified Hoffman that it removed the book – pending further investigation — after receiving notice that it “may not be properly authorized by the appropriate rights holder.” That notice of infringement came from Lavely & Singer.

Williams & Connolly, representing Discovery Communications, Inc. also apparently sent Hoffman a legal letter informing him that his book contained confidential information protected by law and demanding he “cease and desist from dissemination” of that information.

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Hoffman followed Kate daily as a freelance reporter for Us Weekly during the height of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 popularity. In the endless Jon vs. Kate debate he has found some supporters for his book and is now asking online for donations, thanking people who have allegedly offered to help him financially and writing: “I’m overwhelmed and at a loss for words.”

Hoffman posted the notice from Amazon and also the legal letter from Williams & Connolly.

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It is not yet clear if Kate or her former network will sue Hoffman. And while he describes himself as Jon’s friend, he gives no indication what Jon thinks of the “book” and why Jon stood by while Kate allegedly committed acts that cannot be republished here.

Jon has not responded to Radar’s requests for comment.


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