Hot Mess Alert! Tara Reid Takes A Spill On The Stage

By Radar Staff

Once a hot mess, always a hot mess!

American Pie party girl Tara Reid was up to her old antics at the Stockholm Pride Festival on Thursday, taking a massive spill on the stage and exposing her panties to a crowd of thousands – and has photos of her embarrassing moment.

PHOTOS: Tara Reid Takes A Spill On The Stage And Reveals Her Panties

Wearing a brightly colored Swedish flag dress with neon tennis shoes, the 36-year-old lost her balance as she joined her friends, Jedward, on the stage, falling on her backside and revealing her black panties.

Tara has been partying up a storm in recent weeks with her Irish pals in the South of France, donning a bizarre pair of angel wings in St. Tropez over the weekend.

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Just a year ago, Reid got married in Greece to Zack Kehayov, though the duo never officially registered their ill-fated union and split shortly after.


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