Happy Fur of July! Kittens, Ducklings & Puppies Bond For Unbearably Cute Photo Shoot

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

Nothing can get you in the 4th of July spirit like adorable baby animals playing and bonding, so RadarOnline.com has a collection of  “awwwww-inducing” photos from famed photographer Mark Taylor to kick off the holiday.

The cuddly collection stars tabby kitten twins Stanley and Fossett as they cross species to frolic with their pals, a towering Great Dane puppy named Tia and even a tiny feathered duckling.

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Prestigious wildlife photographer Taylor captures the unlikely group on camera looking like they are the best of friends, without a hint of bullying or animal attacks.

“There have been a few close shaves when we have put the different animals together, but we often ‘introduce’ the animals to a rabbit in a cage first to gauge the reaction,” explained Taylor, who works out of his home studio called Warren Photographic, in Guildford, Surrey in England.

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“If the dog starts licking its lips we know it might not work out well, and for example it’s best not to put a Jack Russell next to a rabbit.

“The key to the photograph is making sure the animals are not doing anything they don’t want to do because I think you can tell if they are not enjoying themselves,” he explained.

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Mark’s distinctive style and use of clean, white backgrounds was inspired by his mother, Jane Burton, who used the method in her creative work before she died from cancer in 2007.


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