Move Over Simon Cowell! Britney Spears Shows Off Her Sassy Side On The X Factor

By Radar Staff

Who says Southerners are all charm?

In a new 17-second promo clip for the upcoming season two of X Factor, Britney Spears proves she can show the resident “Mr. Mean” Simon Cowell a thing or two when it comes to harsh criticism.

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“You can’t destroy that song, sweetie,” Brit says to one unlucky contestant.

“Very predictable,” she snipes at another.

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“Bad to the bone,” she quips later.

And, “You definitely don’t have the X Factor,” she opines after another performance doesn’t hit the mark.

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Oh snap!

As previously reported, Cowell has already expressed his admiration for Spears’ tough judging abilities.

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“Britney is fearless,” Simon told Radar exclusively, adding the Southern Belle has “no qualms” about turning down a contestant if she feels they don’t have the act to succeed.

Simon compared Britney’s unabashed stream of opinions to those of Paula Abdul.

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“To get a ‘No’ out of Paula, as you know, was like getting blood out of a stone,” Simon said, “because she didn’t want to be unpopular.”

The resurgent Britney has no such issues, Simon said, adding she can blankly turn a contestant down even if there are “4,000 people going crazy about [the] contestant.”

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Factor in Disney diva Demi Lovato, and you have plenty of must-see conflict on the panel of judges.

“When the two of them get together, and me and [L.A. Reid] want someone to go through, these two, they gang up,” he said. “And that’s what happens when you put two girls together!”

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Asked about Britney claiming Simon’s still the toughest judge to please, the English music mogul said, “Watch the tape: I’m not so sure!”

The new season of X Factor will premiere September 12, on Fox, 8 – 10 p.m.


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