Bachelorette Emily Maynard ‘Has Let Fame Go To Her Head’

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Entertainment Editor

Bachelorette Emily Maynard’s sweet southern girl persona is coming under fire from old friends, and has exclusively learned that the people she knows in North Carolina think that she’s let her new found fame “go to her head.”

The single mother, who has a daughter by the late NASCAR driver Ricky Hendricks, is starring on the ABC reality show trying to find love from a bevy of men, but the people that have known her for years at home think Hollywood’s influence is giving her a big ego.

“Emily has let her fame go to her head,” a source that is part of the NASCAR community that previously embraced her told

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“She is exploiting herself and her family for fame,” the source said.
Emily’s tragic story of her fiancé getting killed in the crash doesn’t exactly ring true for those close to her.

“She was Ricky’s girlfriend, but I was not aware of a proposal or an engagement. It seems like the rest of America is buying into her Hollywood story,” the source said.

The people who knew Emily before she started making the reality show circuit have been surprised by her new found love of the attention.

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“She is just trying to be famous and by making the choice to go on that show she isn’t respecting Ricky or his family,” the source said.

Another tell-tale sign of the way Emily has turned off the NASCAR community is obvious on the show the source said.

“None of Ricky’s family or friends have been on the show.  All of his friends are famous race car drivers and the producers wanted Emily to have some of his friends on the show but they refused because they didn’t want to associate with her.

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“Nobody from Ricky’s life has come forward.  The tight-knit folks in the NASCAR don’t want to have anything to do with Emily. They’ve watched her lifestyle choices and they don’t approve.”

Emily has narrowed her choices down to the final three guys on The Bachelorette, which airs on ABC Monday at 8/7c.



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