Apartment Brokers Refuse To Rent To Bernie Madoff’s Son, Even For $20k A Month!

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Entertainment Editor

Bernie Madoff’s son is finding out the hard way that money can’t buy everything – and certainly not an apartment in NYC if your dad is the most hated man in the city.

Andrew Madoff and his fiancée Catherine Hooper have been searching for an apartment in the $20,000-a-month range but real estate brokers have been turning them down as soon as they find out who is it that wants to move in.

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The couple has tried to hide their connection to the Ponzi schemer by making viewing appointments under Catherine’s name, and according to the New York Post she doesn’t identify herself as a future Madoff, but just a woman looking for a home for her fiancé and their children.

Andrew, 45, said he didn’t understand — and deeply resented — Bernie recruiting he and his late brother Mark Madoff into his tainted business in an interview last year.

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“That’s something that — that I really agonize over, as a son,” he said. “What my father did was so horrible. It’s hard for me to understand that and I’m not any closer to understanding it now than I was three years ago.”

Catherine and Andrew are looking in the tony TriBeCa area or the West Village but are not having any luck.

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One broker said there was no way Andrew Madoff would be living in one of their properties.

“My owners would never, ever rent to him,” said the broker. “They will go through a lot of rejections.”

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Mark Madoff committed suicide in December 2010 and his wife Stephanie promptly changed her last name to Mack, moved out of the family apartment and now rents in TriBeCa where she lives with her children.


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