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Jon Voight 'Couldn't Be Happier' For Angelina Jolie's Engagement To Brad Pitt

By Radar Staff

Angelina Jolie‘s father couldn’t be happier that his daughter and Brad Pitt are finally engaged and exclusively tells RadarOnline.com that when she’s happy, he’s happy.

“Of course I love my daughter deeply and her happiness is my happiness as it is with all parents,” Jon Voight told us Sunday night at the Public Counsel event honoring his friend and Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles.

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“We love our children and we are happy when they are happy.”

And Jon is thankful that he and Angelina have reconciled so he can watch his six grandchildren grow up.

“I think because parents are with them on a daily basis they may not see the changes as dramatic as a grandparent does but they live through every change,” Jon said.

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“You don’t see them for a little while and then they have different growth spurts and develop different enthusiasms and you hear them talking.”

The proud grandfather couldn’t hold back, spilling stories about his grandchildren.

“Just playing with the children you find out about them and what their interest are. I was playing with one of the twins putting rocks in a pail and then they put some leaves from the tree into the pail and said that is for the caterpillars,” he recalled.

“And that’s a little baby understanding certain things. And you say what is that mind going to do? That is interesting.”


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