Drunk As A Skunk? 10 More Celebs Looking Totally Wasted

By Radar Staff

It’s no surprise that Hollywood’s stars love to party, but they aren’t so keen on getting snapped in the act.

RadarOnline.com brought you photos of 10 of your favorite celebrities looking totally wasted, and now we’re bringing you even more. From the sassiest singers and reality stars to big screen bombshells, check out 10 more stars looking drunk as skunks.

PHOTOS: 10 More Celebrities Looking Drunk As Skunks

Just another day in the life of a rock star!  Hole hot mess Courtney Love has never tried to conceal her wild ways, but even she was probably a little bit bashful after waking up one morning and learning that she took a tumble on the red carpet.

Don’t all Teen Mom stars get drunk and get down? Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley apparently make sure to take timeouts from parental duty to get wild and wasted on the dance floor.

Don’t cut Heather Locklear off! The former Melrose Place beauty enjoyed more than just team spirit at a basketball game, so much so, that her pal had to take her drink away.

And what do Paris Hilton and Tara Reid have in common? Both blondes love a fun night on the town and aren’t too proud to show it.

What other stars have been photographed looking drunk as skunks? Find out by clicking here.

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