Little Louis Is Getting A Sibling! Sandra Bullock In Process of Adopting Again

By Jen HegerRadar Legal Editor

Sandra Bullock is adding to the family!

The Academy Award winning actress wants her little “Cajun cookie” to have a brother or sister, and has exclusively learned that the Academy Award winning actress has completed the paperwork for another domestic adoption.

Bullock, a devoted single mom to adorable Louis Bardo, since her painful divorce from serial cheater Jesse James, has always wanted more than one child and feels now is the right time to give her two-year-old son a sibling.

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“Sandra has always planned to have more than one child,” a source close to the situation tells “She feels that now is a good time for a new baby to be welcomed into the family. Louis is a little young to understand that he is going to be a big brother, but Sandy is trying to get him ready for the transition. It took her about 18 months to finally get Louis, and there is no time table as to when she will get the second child. Sandy’s adoption lawyer has told her it could take up to a year to complete the process. She doesn’t care whether or not it’s a boy or girl. She just wants a healthy a baby.”

As previously reported, the 47-year-old originally planned to adopt Louis with then-husband, James.

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But, after news broke that the biker bad boy had cheated on her, The Blind Side star promptly filed for divorce and finalized the adoption as a single parent.

Bullock has flourished since the adoption and clearly loves being a mom, saying: “It’s made me a better person. I really appreciate where I am.”



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