Celebrity Scrapbook! 10 Movie Stars Before They Were Famous

By Leah OrnsteinRadar Style & Beauty Editor

Hollywood stars are just like us – they get older and their faces change!

From big screen bombshells to the hottest blockbuster hunks, RadarOnline.com has early photos of all your favorite movie stars in their younger years, looking dramatically different and often times unrecognizable.

PHOTOS: 10 Movie Stars Before They Were Famous

This gorgeous Aussie Academy Award winning actress skyrocketed to international super stardom when she married the biggest movie star in the world. After their divorce, she settled down with an Aussie singer and the duo now has two daughters together.

This rehab re-offender gained fame at a young age and has maintained A-list celebrity status her whole life. Even though she has been married three times, she has kept her first husband’s last name her entire career.

This silver fox is always sitting close to the front at the Academy Awards, but it took years of hard work to get the coveted seat. Gaining notoriety later in life, he is one of Hollywood’s biggest bachelors and always has a statuesque sexpot by his side.

To find out what these stars (and more!) looked like before they were famous, click here.

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