Angelina Jolie On Red Carpet Facade: ‘It’s Not Who You Really Are’

By Radar Staff

No one looks more at peace on a red carpet then Angelina Jolie; but deep down, she’s not really that girl.

“Every once in a while I put a dress on and go on a red carpet but it’s kind of like that funny thing you do — that party you go to — but it’s not who you really are,” said Jolie in Berlin, Germany for the 62nd Berlinale International Film Festival, where she sat down for a Q&A Friday — and has video of her interview.

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Jolie, in the chat, talked about the facade of celebrity in the burning glare of the media spotlight, saying her worldwide humanitarian causes lent her the insight to lead more than a “shallow life.” 

“I’m very lucky … I have a real view of the real world,” she said. “I’m very happy inside the real world.”

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Jolie said her experiences, with those less fortunate than she, have “always reminded me just to be grateful in the morning for your children.”

Asked what three wishes she’d make, Jolie said she’d “want my family and everybody’s family to be healthy;” enable “everyone to have access to fair laws and a good education” and “change the structure of the UN a little bit.”

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Said the glamorous ambassador: “I’ve got a few things in my mind, but we’ll leave it at that.”

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