Lucky The Maltese Is Crowned Hollywood’s Top Canine Star-Spotter

By Radar Staff

Star-spotting is a serious business for many movie fanatics and one furry fan has been blessed enough to pose with Hollywood’s hottest celebrities and has photos of his exciting encounters.

Lucky the Maltese has bounded into the Guinness Book Of Records as the ‘Animal Most Photographed with Celebrities’ by boasting 363 photos posing with the rich and famous.

PHOTOS: Lucky The Maltese Is The Top Canine Star Spotter

The little white dog with huge dark eyes has been snapped in the arms of the stars from Snoop Dogg and Kim Kardashian, to Sir Richard Branson and Barbara Walters.

Rescued by the editor of Animal Fair Media, Inc, Wendy Diamond, Lucky is the poster dog for animal rescue causes and travels with his owner to charity and political events.

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The model-worthy Maltese even has his own column, Who Got Lucky? and a Facebook page with thousand of fans.

“I always thought Lucky was sort of the Johnny Carson of canines but I never imagined a Guinness World Record,” said Diamond.

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“This record isn’t really about Lucky or even the celebrities, but the inspiring message that people can adopt their own Lucky and one day there won’t be any more homeless pets!”

Lucky joins 300,000 other record-breakers celebrating the seventh anniversary of the Guinness World Records Day.


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