Brad Pitt’s Youngest Fan: 18-Month-Old Girl Says He’s Cute!

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

Adorable alert!

Brad Pitt has women swooning over him all over the world, but we’ve found his youngest fan ever – an 18-month old baby who loves the superstar and even thinks he’s cute!

In a super sweet video, which you can watch here on, a little girl is holding a picture of Brad from a magazine and she is even knows who he is, saying “Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt” in her little voice.

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And what does she think about the Moneyball star, father of six and Angelina Jolie’s lover?

“Oh, cute, cute, cute!” she warbles as her dad laughs at her.  “Brad cute, cute!”

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We couldn’t agree more!

Watch the video of the adorable baby below:


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