Melissa Etheridge Taught Brad Pitt How To Fly Fish For ‘A River Runs Through It’

By Amber GoodhandRadar Reporter

Yes, there was once a time when Brad Pitt needed help with auditions.

Rock legend Melissa Etheridge says she taught the now A-lister how to fly fish for his A River Runs Through It audition and has obtained the exclusive audio of Melissa’s story.

“I taught Brad Pitt how to fly fish….he had this audition, that’s back when they auditioned Brad Pitt,” Melissa laughed on her new radio show.

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“He had an audition for A River Runs Through It. For the audition he came to my house because I had a swimming pool, and I taught him how to fly fish on the swimming pool.”

A River Runs Through It was the film that shot Brad into superstardom following his role in Thelma & Louise in the early 90’s.

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“Bless his heart. Hi Brad, call me! It’s been fifteen years,” Melissa joked.

To hear everything Melissa had to say about Brad, tune in to her radio show on Friday.

Listen to the audio on below:


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