Conrad Murray Trial Recap: Security Guard Says Helped Put Propofol Bottles In Bags

By Jen HegerRadar Legal Editor

Alberto Alvarez, a member of Michael Jackson’s security team, testified Thursday that he helped Dr. Conrad Murray put bottles of Propofol in bags before he called 911, is reporting.

Alvarez was summoned to the bedroom where a lifeless Michael Jackson was. Alvarez told Deputy District Attorney Dave Walgren: “I helped Dr. Murray put the bottles and I.V. tubing in bags because I thought we were packing up to go to the hospital. I had no reason to believe that anything else was wrong.”

Alberto claimed that Dr. Murray instructed him to help put Propofol bottles in bags, in the moments before medical help arrived.

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Alvarez also testified that he saw Dr. Murray giving the King of Pop, “one handed chest compressions on the bed.”

Alvarez also stated that once Michael Jackson was delcared dead at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Dr. Murray, “asked me for a ride because he wanted to go get something to eat.” Alvarez didn’t comply with the request.

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Alvarez was the only witness on the stand during Thursday’s morning session. The DA finished with his questioning. Dr. Murray’s lawyer is expected to continue questioning Alvarez after the lunch break.


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