Ashton Kutcher: ‘Charlie’s Character Is No Longer With Us’

By Radar Staff

Ashton Kutcher sat down with Conan ‘O Brien on Thursday to promote next week’s highly-anticipated season premiere of Two and a Half Men.

Kutcher confirmed what everyone pretty much knew, admitting “Charlie’s character is no longer with us, and my character is a billionaire.”

O’Brien asked Kutcher why he and wife Demi Moore don’t have the celebrity portmanteaus name afforded other A-list couples — think Brangelina, or Bennifer.

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Kutcher said he thinks it’s an easier feat to pull off “if one person has a monosyllabic name,” like Brad or Ben.

“What about Kutch-Moore?” Conan shrewdly asked.

Kutcher asked O’Brien how he likes his “Coco” nickname, which Tom Hanks came up with.

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“It’s a good professional wrestler name — like Koko B. Ware!” Kutcher said, referring to the 80s grappler who carried a bird with him to the ring.

Also up for discussion was the massive trailer Kutcher’s been using during the tapings of Two and a Half Men, which he joked is “a little spaceship-y.”

“If I ever have a fight with Demi,” Kutcher said, “I’m staying in the trailer!”

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“[Co-host] Andy [Richter] and I stay there, you just haven’t seen us yet,” O’ Brien joked.

“I’ve noticed droppings,” Kutcher said.

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Ashton makes his debut on Two and a Half Men September 19 at 9/8c on CBS – the same night that Comedy Central airs its roast of fired ‘Men’ star Charlie Sheen.


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