Michele Bachmann On ‘Crazy Eyes’ Newsweek Cover: ‘It Really Didn’t Impact Me That Much’

By Radar Staff

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann did her best to deflect questions Friday about that so-called “crazy eyes” Newsweek cover that some say depicts her in an extremely unflattering light.

Bachmann — appearing on The Today Show via satellite from Des Moines, Iowa   — was asked about the cover by fill-in host Lester Holt during an interview that covered a broad number of topics.

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When pressed by Holt, Bachmann would only say: “It really didn’t impact me that much.” She then changed the subject to the stock market plunge and Standard & Poors downgrade.

“A magazine photo is not even a factor in the midst of all that,” she said.

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Holt gave it one more shot, asking if “rage” was an appropriate word to describe her. “No, not at all. I’m a very happy person,”  Bachmann replied.


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