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Denise Richards Talks Life After Charlie Sheen: ‘I Really Hit Rock Bottom at One Point’

By Radar Staff

Having Charlie Sheen as an ex-husband and father of two of your children is challenging even at the best of times.

Denise Richards opened-up to Ryan Seacrest this morning on his 102.7 KIIS FM radio show about life in the fast lane with her troubled ex-husband, and RadarOnline.com has the interview.

“I went through so much in a very short period of time in my life and got through it. I really hit rock bottom at one point,” Denise revealed, who was married to Charlie for four years before their tumultuous divorce in 2006.

AUDIO: Listen To Denise Richards Interview With Ryan Seacrest

Seacrest credited the reality star for her resilience through Sheen’s breakdown and crazy spiral earlier this year.

“You may get the best sport award, I feel that you have got really thick skin and are always taking the higher road, you are never commenting and are always smiling,” Ryan told her.

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“It’s difficult, especially in the last six months as we’ve all seen a lot of stuff in the media. I honestly really wanted to protect the kids from it as much as I can, and there were a lot of things that truly weren’t my place to comment on,” said Richards, 40, who is now opening up about handling Charlie’s drug addictions and hooker habits in her new book, The Real Girl Next Door.

“It’s hard but I honestly think the best way is to just keep moving forward. There were a lot of private conversations behind the scene!”

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The most memorable incident for the divorced pair was the infamous night at the Plaza Hotel in New York City last October when Sheen smashed-up his room after he accused a prostitute of stealing from him, and then ended up in hospital.

Ryan asked Denise the question on everyone’s minds: “Why were you with him?”

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“I was actually in New York to do press and brought my girls a couple of days early, he was off and thought it would be fun to all of us to go,” she explained lightheartedly.

“I thought it was sweet because at the time, I thought he was in a different place entertainment wise of what he does in his free time.

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“I did not know who was going to be at the table. When I found out I thought, ‘I can be cool about this, I can hang,’ then things got a little crazy and colorful so I left the table. Then when things got really crazy it turned into a whole different thing.”

The Blue Mountain State star revealed that the police were confused when they came to interview her at her hotel room.

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“I think he was a little dumbfounded about why I was at dinner with my ex-husband and four hookers. I was so nonchalant about it!” Denise laughed.

“He had to be taken to the hospital and I went along. It was a very, very crazy memorable insane evening.”

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Surprisingly, despite the drugs, prostitutes, and overdoses, Denise said she doesn’t ever regret marrying Charlie.

“As painful as all that was I would definitely do it again as I have amazing children,” she explained.

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The former spouses are currently getting on well but Denise has learned to take it one day at a time.

“I’ve honestly learned to live in the moment because it’s up and down – when it’s good, I cherish these times for the kids, when it’s not it’s not and I just ride the wave until when it’s good again.”

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As for Charlie’s Two And a Half Men replacement, Richards said can’t wait to watch Ashton Kutcher on the new season of the sitcom next month.

“Ashton is so talented and charming and really funny. I think he’ll make it his own and I think it will be a really good show,” she said.


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