Olivia Wilde: I Have Approval Over My Nipples!

We’ve heard of big stars having approval over things like their publicity shots, their wardrobe, and sometimes, even over their directors – but their nipples?

Stunning actress Olivia Wilde told Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday that in her upcoming film with Ryan Reynolds, The Change-Up, she got to approve the presentation of her nipples after a technical problem on the set.

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“I wasn’t actually naked, but I appear to be naked cause they CGI’ed me naked,” she said. “You wear pasties when you’re on-set so people don’t see your nipples,” adding she likes “to draw little happy faces all over them” to amuse her colleagues.

She said while taping a scene in the sexy flick, Reynolds was supposed to be blocking her pasty-covered nipples, but he moved, exposing the pasties and causing filmmakers to superimpose CGI nipples onto her chest.

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The best part of the whole deal?

“I got to approve the nipples!” Wilde said.

“So there’s a nipple artist!” Kimmel said. “The guys doing that sort of work must not have seen that many of them in real life.”

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“Exactly: Not since their mother!” Wilde said.

“It’s a real nipple fest over there!” Kimmel joked.

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The red-hot actress has got two films coming out in the next eight days: Cowboys & Aliens opens in theaters Friday, while The Change-Up hits theaters August 5.


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