Sober Nic Cage Back To Work

By Alexis Tereszcuk
Radar Staff Reporter

Trouble? What trouble?

National Treasure star Nicolas Cage was back on a movie set today, looking happy, relaxed and sober!

Cage, 47, was arrested Saturday after an intoxicated argument with wife Alice Kim in New Orleans. He was charged with domestic abuse and disturbing the peace while he and the missus argued about where they’re living.

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The actor is in the Big Easy to film Medallion, about a man searching for his kidnapped daughter. On set, Cage shared a laugh with a security officer and posed with fans for photos.

Cage’s arrest came just weeks after he was escorted back to his hotel by New Orleans cops after a bust-up in a restaurant that resulted in a broken window.

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Cage has a May 31 court date for Saturday’s arrest.


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