Jewelers Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Stole From Closed For ‘Security Reasons’

By Jen Heger
Radar Legal Editor

Kamofie & Company, the jewelry store from which Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole a necklace, will be closed Friday for security reasons, a source close to the owners tell RadarOnline.

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“The jewelry store owners were advised by the investigating officer handling the case that they should close the store for security reasons,” the source said. “Store owner Sofia Kamofie will be testifying today in court and there have been some very minor threats made against the store.

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“It’s out of an abundance of caution that the store will be closed. The threats included vandalism.”

Lohan’s powerhouse attorney Shawn Holley is going to grill the owner over her decision to sell the surveillance video showing the alleged theft.

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The source reveals: “Sofia hasn’t seen one penny from the sale of the video. The lawyer that brokered the deal, is holding the money in a trust account.

“The store has actually lost a lot of money since the alleged crime occurred.”

RadarOnline’s Legal Editor, Jen Heger, will be blogging and tweeting live from the courthouse as all the developments occur.




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