PHOTOS: Check Out Kate Middleton, The Little Princess

We’re now only 53 days away from the royal wedding, and has these just-released pics of Kate Middleton in her younger days as a little princess-in-training.

PHOTOS: Kate Middleton, The Little Princess

The pics, released by the official royal Web site on Monday, show Prince William‘s wife-to-be as a young girl, looking like a happy child with a wonderful life ahead of her.

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One of the images features Kate with her father and one of her sisters in a desert setting, as the Middletons resided in Amman, Jordan for more than two years from 1984-1986 for father Michael’s work commitments, before moving back to their native England.

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Prince William and Kate have been a couple almost ten years, as they met while attending Scotland’s St. Andrew’s University back in 2001. They’ll be getting married April 29, 2011 at the historic English church Westminster Abbey.

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