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EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Surveillance Tape Sold

The jewelry store surveillance tape that could be make-or-break in the felony theft case against Lindsay Lohan has been sold, is exclusively reporting.

The security video was sold by the store itself! The footage was sold to a company that intended to make the footage public. Entertainment Tonight licensed rights to the video from that company.

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This development could complicate the case against Lindsay, and has learned that it is causing turmoil in both the prosecution and defense camps.

“Neither side wanted it released,” a well-placed source tells us. “Neither side sanctioned this sale.”

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Lohan is accused of stealing a necklace valued at $2,500 from Kamofie & Co., a jeweler located near her new home in L.A.’s Venice Beach district.

The starlet is due back in court March 10 when she has to tell the judge if she’s accepting a plea deal that he’s already warned her will come with a jail sentence or try her hand at trial by jury.

Entertainment Tonight will broadcast the surveillance video Monday. You can see the photos here.


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