EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin ‘Much Happier’ Now That He’s Off TV

Former reality star Jon Gosselin may not be living the ‘high life’ anymore but he’s a much happier person, leading a more regular existence, RadarOnline.com can reveal.

Like the rest of America, the famous father-of-eight gets up to do a regular job each day when he is not actively looking after his kids.

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Once known for wearing designer Ed Hardy outfits, having a string of young girlfriends, and jet-setting around the South of France, Gosselin, 33, is now living a much simpler life.

A source told RadarOnline.com: “The truth is, Jon is much happier living a normal life – he has no desire to go back on television.

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“He does enjoy watching Jersey Shore and shows like House Hunters when he is not working or looking after his kids.

“Despite all the stories of his weight ballooning, he is actually a health conscious kind of guy who is watching his weight right now.

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“Both he and his girlfriend cook their own meals and work on portion control – they like to keep it simple and eat out only once or twice a month together.

“They love to cook for his kids and try and keep the meals as healthy and fun as possible. He’s also trying to stay in shape by going on walks or hikes and running errands.

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“He knows that people will always judge him but he is just concentrating on his own life and family at this time.”

While Jon maintains a much lower profile, his former wife Kate Gosselin has become a much more public figure – she has her own reality spin-off Kate Plus 8 and regularly appears on the talk show circuit.

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There have been reports that Jon feels trapped by his more modest lifestyle and can’t adapt to having less money than he was earning through working on television.

It has even been rumored that he has fallen behind with his payments on his Mercedes SUV and has been struggling with his finances.

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But the source revealed: “That is simply not true. Jon has a solid job and he is catching-up financially and taking care of everything. He is in absolutely no danger of having his car repossessed.

“It is true the guy works long hours Monday to Friday but he always makes time for his kids during their scheduled visits. He makes sure their television time is limited and he encourages his kids to be active outdoors or do mentally stimulating things like arts and crafts or games.

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“He even finds time for Ellen’s Chihuahuas – who contrary to reports are fully house-trained – they both love to take the dogs for walks together.

“People need to give the guy a break – he has a steady job and girlfriend plus he’s good with his kids and friends – what more do they expect?

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“He even managed to kick smoking at Christmas time and despite a few slip-ups, Jon’s family are proud of his progress on that front too.

“Unlike when he was on television, Jon actually has a lot more to be happy with in his day to day life and he realizes this fact – despite all the negative stories.”


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