VIDEO: Teen Mom Amber Portwood On Serving Jail Time — 'I've Learned My Lesson'

Troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was caught on camera trying on more than just shoes during an outing in her hometown recently.

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This time, the reality TV mom who served 24 hours in jail last week after Madison County, Indiana prosecutors charged her with three felonies stemming from her violent behavior on the show, is trying on a new outlook on life telling the cameraman, “I’ve learned my lesson, I promise you that.”

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The young mother to two-year-old daughter Leah pleaded not guilty last Tuesday to several felony charges stemming from her shocking arrest for allegedly attacking her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley — an incident that was shown on the hit MTV reality show last fall.

“The whole time I was in there (jail) that made me okay was when I just kept thinking these girls are in here for years, months and I’m in here for 24 hours,” Amber said. “And the lesson I learned in 24 hours in jail is look at what they’re forced with and what they’ve learned in their time there. I couldn’t complain, but it wasn’t great at all. It was terrible.”

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Amber even revealed she’s participated in therapy for eight months and it was a personal decision and not court ordered.

“That’s a personal choice though and (make sure) it never happens again and to make sure I have some control.

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“It wasn’t court ordered.”

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With all the attention surrounding the 20-year-old right now, Amber added “it’s not the right attention.”

“I don’t think I’m a celebrity.”

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She’s even looking beyond the show that made her more infamous than famous.

“I think that they’re (MTV) good to me,” she said. “But I’m older now…It’s turned into Teen Mom, you know. I turned 20. I don’t want to be known as Amber from Teen Mom. When it’s all done and over with because it’s not going to be here forever and I know this.”


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