EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: ‘I Hope You Die In A Car Accident’, Magazine Editor Taunts Rachel Uchitel In Cruel Voicemail

Celebrity Rehab star Rachel Uchitel was the victim of yet another terrorizing taunt from magazine editor Chaunce Hayden in which he tells Tiger Woods‘ former mistress, “I wish it was you that died in 9/11 and not your fiancé.”

Listen to the disturbing audio here on RadarOnline.com

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In a voicemail message left for Uchitel on Wednesday night, Hayden said: “Hey Rachel, it’s Chaunce. I just wanted to tell you I hate you. That I wish it was you that died in 9/11, not your fiancé, and I don’t even believe he’s dead.”

He added, “I think you’re one of the most despicable human beings on earth…I don’t consider you a human being.”

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Uchitel told RadarOnline.com the Steppin’ Out editor left the disturbing voicemail for her after the two had a falling out during a photo shoot for his free street magazine over the weekend while she was in New York on a publicity blitz for Celebrity Rehab 4 With Dr Drew.

He left the message for the 35-year-old while he was broadcasting live on an internet radio show

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“I’m releasing this message to show how this sick individual was prepared to seek cheap fame at the expense of 9/11 victims and those who suffer and grieve for their loved ones who were lost on 9/11. It’s disgusting and sad,” Uchitel said.

Hayden added, “I just want to tell you that I hope you die in a terrible car accident. I would be thrilled to hear those news reports and you can tell Radar Online I said so.

“Basically, I think you’re a b*tch. I read on the Internet you’re a whore. I don’t know if you are a whore, but if you are a whore I’ve met whores in my life that blow you away so you’d be on the lower end of the whore chain if you are a whore.

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“You look like a drown rat in person. I think what you did was just one of the most evil, disgusting things anyone has ever done.”

When contacted by RadarOnline.com for comment, a defiant Hayden stuck by his voicemail and said: “I think she’s slime, and I told her so. I told her what I thought of her. If that’s against the law so be it. Put me in jail.”

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