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Jeremy London Testifies Against Alleged Kidnapper — ‘He Had A Gun To My Head’

Jeremy London returned to a courthouse near Palm Springs, California on Tuesday morning where he came face to face with his alleged kidnapper, and RadarOnline.com was in the courtroom.    

The actor had been called to testify in the preliminary hearing of Brandon Adams, a man London claims kidnapped him and forced him to do drugs this past June.

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As RadarOnline.com previously reported, London appeared at court last Friday expecting to take the stand; however, the case was continued until Tuesday so that new evidence obtained by the prosecution could be reviewed by the defense.

In court Tuesday, London was questioned by the prosecution about the night of his alleged abduction.

London explained that he had a flat tire outside of a 7-11 after going to a CVS, where he and his wife had picked up a prescription of the powerful sleeping aid Ambien.

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London – who said he has sleeping problems – testified he took an Ambien on his way to his hotel where he was staying with his wife.

The Mallrats star testified that two men helped him fix the flat tire, and then asked for a ride home in return.

London told the court, “They asked me if we would give them a ride home.. They said it was very close.. These guys helped me change a tire in really hot weather, so I thought sure, I’d give them a ride home.”

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London said he then dropped off one of the guys, but that “Brandon Adams stayed in the car. My wife demanded to be taken home, so we took her home..”

The actor said he drove Adams around, referring to it as “a (wild) goose chase.. we just weren’t getting to a location…

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“I was scared… I was starting to shake…It was getting bizarre.”

London testified they then pulled up in front of an abandoned house and stopped the car when Adams saw two of his friends. London said the two men got in his car.

London said one of the guys in the passenger seat reached into his pocket and pulled out a gun and put it to his (London’s) head.

“..It was not a revolver.. It was a square gun.”

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London told the court, “If I didn’t give him my money, he would kill me… kill my wife… he knew I had a kid… he knew where i lived.”

London said he had $200 in his wallet and another $600 in cash in an envelope in his car.

He says the men then ordered him to get into the car’s trunk.

“I was in survival mode”, he said.

London said they drove him around, and then eventually let him out of the car.

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“Brandon asked me to buy him a beer.. so I did”, London testified.

“I was scared, but i didn’t want them to think I was scared.. I thought I was never going to see my son.”

Jeremy said they went to a local liquor store called Julians, where they purchased $300 worth of liquor with one of the men called “Little N” standing by him.

London said they went back to the same liquor store two more times to buy more alcohol after they gave away some of the liquor to Brandon’s friends.

He said the third and final time they went back to Julians, he purchased a case of beer and put $13 on his credit card.

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London then testified that they went to buy drugs with his money.

He said “Little N” threw a pill at him (he said the pill was Ecstasy) and made him take it, saying “he had a gun to my head”.

London – who admitted he had taken Ecstasy a long time ago – said he didn’t want to take the drug, but that he knew he had to  “go along.. get along”.

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London also testified they bought more pills and that he (one of the men in the car) “threw a big white pill at me.. and I took it since he had a gun to my head”.

London also testified he also smoked something in a pipe, which made him feel “like a horse kicked me in the head”.

The trial continues at this hour with the defense presenting its case.


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