Michaele Salahi Denies She’s Anorexic; Rips Real Housewives Of D.C. Co-Stars

Michaele Salahi, the world’s most infamous ‘gatecrasher’ and star of Bravo’s Real Housewives of D.C., is responding to claims she is anorexic — and has her co-stars in her sights.

Proving the pen in mightier than the sword, the over-the-top blonde has penned a brutal blog in which she dissects a number of her co-stars and provides a cutting assessment of arch-rival Lynda Erkiletian, who has accused Michaele of being paper-like thin.

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“Lynda takes pleasure in tearing down other women, which I think is wrong,” Michaele wrote on her website, adding she is “sick of her not being up front and talking behind my back”.

While Lynda admits she’s had worries about costar Michaele’s health, the D.C. Housewife insisted last week she has never called Salahi anorexic.

“At the beginning of filming, when I would see her I felt that she had lost a lot of weight and I was genuinely concerned,” Lynda said.

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“As a [modeling] agent, I don’t ever use the A-word, which she’s been parading around and making up and the media has picked up on. I know better.”

But according to Michaele, Lynda — who she met 15 years ago when working as a make-up artist — is obsessed with her former pal turned foe’s weight.

“Lynda, as seen in episode one and again in this episode, continued with her obsessive behavior, ranting and raging about my weight… good grief,” Michaele wrote.

“Who cares what size I am?”

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Said Michaele, “I have tried my best to teach Lynda that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes — and shines from within.

“I have repeatedly forgiven Lynda for her anger and hate, and have moved forward. Girls need to celebrate one another and build each other up. Life is hard enough!”

Michaele also took aim at co-stars Catherine Ommanney and Mary Schmidt Amons, who visited the Salahis now closed winery for a polo lesson under the tutelage of husband Tareq, during the most recent episode.

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As Mary arrived, clearly bemused, she said “we were told the dress code was going to be jeans” when she realized Michaele had dressed up in riding chaps for the occasion.

According to Michaele, both Catherine and Mary “are always the type of women who have to wear what I wear”.

“Silly really,” she wrote.

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“Cat and Mary decided that they wanted to be a little sarcastic about my attire – they were upset that they were in jeans and I was wearing riding pants.

“I am married to a polo player – of course I wear riding pants.”

As for Mary, a second generation Washingtonian who spent summers at the Kennedy residences as a child, Michaele noted: “It was a dream for Mary to get involved in our world and to be included in the polo and the wine community.”



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