EXCLUSIVE: Mel Gibson’s Baby After He Allegedly Hit Her — See The Photo Only On Radar

WARNING: This photograph may not be reproduced.

This is the photograph Oksana Grigorieva is using to plead with a judge and child protective services to strip Mel Gibson of his custodial rights over their baby daughter Lucia.

In a bombshell world exclusive, RadarOnline.com has obtained the photo of Lucia showing what appears to be a small abrasion on her chin after the brutal January 6 brawl, in which Oksana claims Mel punched her and hit their child, who was being held by Oksana at the time.

The baby was two months old.

OFFICIAL PHOTOS: Authorities Examining Mark On Baby’s Face

The image was taken in the hours after the fight and is evidence in the court battle between Mel and Oksana, as well as other ongoing investigations — civil and criminal — involving them.

The Department of Children and Family Services is investigating and, as RadarOnline.com reported exclusively, will be interviewing Gibson this week.

Investigators from the agency have already interviewed Oksana and her 12-year-old son Alexander, also known as Sascha.

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Prominent civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom told RadarOnline.com the photo was “one more piece of evidence” to corroborate Oksana’s version of events.

“I think the evidence is very powerful,” Bloom, who has more than 20 years experience prosecuting cases of child abuse, told RadarOnline.com, after closely examining the images.

On a tape played exclusively on RadarOnline.com, Oksana alleged Mel hit Lucia when he punched her on January 6.

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Oksana told authorities that she was holding Lucia when Mel punched her in the mouth and then in the left temple, causing her to fall backward onto a bed.

She says the Oscar-winning actor/director then put a forearm across her throat and used the palm of his free hand to cover her face, causing her to gasp, struggle and fear for her life.

“Oksana said right after the incident, she observed blood and a small abrasion on Lucia’s chin, which was not there before the incident,” said a source, who is familiar with the law enforcement investigation.

“She took photographed the abrasion that night.” Those photos are now evidence.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO of Oksana After She Says Mel Punched Her

It will now be up to a judge and law-enforcement investigators to determine who they believe.

Mel, through his lawyers, has insisted he never struck Oksana and says she is extorting him. He also says that she shook the baby and he tried to prevent her from doing that.

RadarOnline.com has been told Oksana took Lucia to a pediatrician at some point after January 6, but did not tell the pediatrician about the incident.

At the time she was still in a romantic relationship with Gibson, despite the incredible turmoil.

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the situation and looking into domestic violence charges against Mel.

The case will almost certainly be turned over to the District Attorney’s Office after the police investigation, and other charges may be filed or the case could be dropped.

A judge is also overseeing a bitter child custody battle between the one-time couple. Mel has not lost custody rights.

Oksana told authorities she taped her phone conversations with Mel because he threatened her life.

In tapes played exclusively on RadarOnline.com, Mel tells Oksana that he will hit her in the side of the head with a shovel and bury her in the rose garden.

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In one audio recording, Oksana leveled the shocking allegation that Mel hit her while she was holding their child.

Oksana asked the disgraced actor, “What kind of a man is that… hitting a woman when she’s holding a child in her hands?”

Mel responded: “Oh, you’re all angry now! You know what, you f*cking deserved it!”

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On several tapes Oksana consistently makes the accusation that Mel hit her while she was holding the baby, and that she was concerned for her baby’s safety. Mel, who rants and curses throughout the tapes, never disputes that allegation. (The tapes were not edited by RadarOnline.com and are in the possession of law enforcement.)

Bloom was shown the photo of Lucia by RadarOnline.com and the attorney told us, “The photo that I have seen of the abrasion on the baby’s chin is very disturbing.”

“We have the photos, we have the tapes, we have to acknowledge what happened here.”

Bloom praised the Russian mother-of-two for having the foresight to take the photograph of Lucia, in the hours after the clash with Mel at his Malibu mansion.

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“I think Oksana was very smart,” Bloom told RadarOnline.com.

“It’s critical if you are a survivor of domestic violence to preserve the evidence.

“I think Mel Gibson’s in real trouble.”

Oksana presented law enforcement an unedited image of Lucia. RadarOnline.com made the decision to blur part of Lucia’s face which is not evidence.


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