EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Mel's Final Message To Oksana — 'I Haven't Got A Voice Left'

WARNING: This audio may not be reproduced.

A drained Mel Gibson delivered the biggest understatement of his recorded rants when he left Oksana Grigorieva a final message, telling her: “I haven’t got a voice left.”

Slurring his words, Mel called Oksana on February 20 at 12:56pm — the day after he made a torrent of 30 “terrorizing” phone calls — and told his ex-lover he wanted to do “the right thing now” so that “everybody is comfortable”.

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Gone were the expletives, profanity, racial slurs and hate-fuelled tirades at the mother of his illegitimate child, in which he had called her, among other insults, a “bitch, whore, c*nt”, “gold digger”, “bitch in heat” and a “f*cking sl*t”.

Instead, in the message that lasted 54 seconds, a subdued Mel dialed Oksana to make a welfare check on her and his daughter Lucia.

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“Hi, I’m just calling, to, umm to check on, ah, your status — the status of, um, bubby — the baby,” Mel said.

He added, “I want to talk reasonably about schedules and how we — I haven’t got a voice left — how we go further, ummmm — just reasonably.”

The Lethal Weapon star admitted he was sapped of all his love after the three-year romance with Oksana imploded, on the same day the couple planted Lucia’s placenta alongside a tree at a ceremony outside of Mel’s Malibu mansion.

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“There is no passion left, anyway, so I don’t need to get mad,” Mel confessed.

“I figured that out. It doesn’t matter enough. I just want to do the right thing now so that everybody is comfortable, alright? OK, bye.”

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The explosive tapes have fuelled much speculation about whether the Lethal Weapon star was drunk when he flew out of control.

Mel’s camp has insisted he has been sober for four years — ever since he was pulled over for drunk driving and made the infamous remarks about Jews.

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The actor’s sudden change in attitude will undoubtedly raise more questions than it presents answers in a case that remains the subject of three separate law enforcement investigations.


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