No Weigh! Kim Kardashian Denies Claims She’s Piled On 65 Pregnancy lbs — Says She's Only Gained 20!

Kim Kardashian is refuting claims that she has already piled on 65 pounds in pregnancy weight, is reporting.

The reality TV star  appeared on Live With Kelly & Michael  Tuesday where she was quizzed about reports suggesting she was tipping the scales at 200 pounds!

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“I’ve gained 20 pounds — at this stage Kourtney had already gained, like, 30,” Kim told Michael Strahan and guest host Kristin Chenoweth.

However, she admitted that sort of baby weight gain could be in her future.

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“I probably will gain all that weight, they say you gain that at the end,” Kim revealed.

“I probably will gain that 65, just give me a couple more months.”

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Kim, 32, was keen to divulge that she hasn’t had any fast-food cravings since becoming pregnant. In fact, she’s going healthy!

“I want to have those cravings that everyone is saying, like cheeseburgers, I really haven’t had that,” she said.

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“I just want to go home and sit in bed and pig out, and I really only crave healthy food.”

Kim then added, “I’m becoming Kourtney,” saying she thinks she looks healthier pregnant because of her new organic diet.

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“I have to say, I wouldn’t survive without Kourtney. She has given me the best tips.”

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