‘VPR’ Mean Girls! Brittany & Scheana Marie Bullied Faith After Jax Affair

Stowers says she got called ‘slut’ by Cartwright for having sec with Taylor!

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‘VPR’ Mean Girls! Brittany & Scheana Marie Bullied Faith After Jax Affair

Stowers says she got called ‘slut’ by Cartwright for having sec with Taylor!

Mean girls!

Brittany Cartwright and Scheana Marie relentlessly bullied Faith Stowers after they found out that she had sex with Jax Taylor, RadarOnline.com exclusively learned!

The Vanderpump Rules stars unleashed a torrent of harassment upon Stowers after it was revealed that Cartwright’s boyfriend cheated on her with their ex co-star.

“Brittany and Scheana would harass me,” Stowers told Radar in an exclusive interview. “I knew I would have to deal with backlash, but I didn’t expect them to do things like that. They would call me from different numbers and they would try to harass me.”

Stowers’ affair with Taylor was a major story line on VPR, but she said there was more drama that was off-camera.

“The calls were just Brittany screaming ‘You’re a side chick, you’re a slut.’ They ganged up on me. I didn’t appreciate them ganging up on me.

“It has been pretty evil. Brittany got a little gangster. She turned into Lala [Kent]. Calling me a stupid ho, side chick.”

Stowers said she offered to meet Cartwright in person, “but she wouldn’t. You know what I’ve done, you know I’ve served my country. We could have had a real conversation, then she would understand. I would have let her hear the audio privately. I was shocked she went that route. To bash me publicly. To say I was a disgusting girl. Things like that are so unnecessary.”

The ex VPR star also told Radar that she was glad James Kennedy admitted that he stole the recording from her phone and gave it to the girls on the show.

“I’m mad that he stole it from me but I’m happy that he told the truth about stealing it. I’m glad that he turned over a new leaf and told the truth.”

But she said she had never planned for it to become public. “If I wanted it to come out I would have filmed.”

She told Radar that her fling with Taylor happened after he told her that he and Cartwright were done, and she detailed exactly what he revealed about his miserable relationship.

“On the recording Jax told me he doesn’t want to marry her. He loves her, he always loves her but sexually and physically it wasn’t going anywhere. He said he felt pressured by her family. He was bored in the situation and he felt trapped.”

Stowers said Taylor was thrilled with their fling. “After it happened he told me he was really excited about how it went. It was the best he ever had. He was saying he really needed this and how he couldn’t wait to get away from Brittany and he blamed Katie [Maloney] for a lot of their problems. He said ‘Katie, this b***h, lives down the hall.’ She’s always getting involved in what they’re doing. Katie is always in her ear telling her what to do.”

She told Radar the call shocked her initially. “For a minute I felt bad for the kid, damn that must suck because the relationship is public, you can’t just walk away. She is supposedly this sweet southern girl. He’s damned if he did and damned if he doesn’t.”

Stowers described Taylor lying about their fling. “When Jax looked me into my face and lied, I was shocked. Wow he’s great. He deserves an Oscar.”

Cartwright and Taylor had since reconciled, a move that Stowers dismissed.

“Now all of a sudden, he can’t wait to marry her? This is literally like a horror film. I’m nervous for her.”

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