Sharon Osbourne: 'My Son Will Conquer' Multiple Sclerosis

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Sharon Osbourne: 'My Son Will Conquer' Multiple Sclerosis

By Radar Staff

Sharon Osbourne, appearing on Conan Tuesday, stayed positive about her son Jack, who announced his multiple sclerosis diagnosis this week.

“It’s actually been a month and we kept it to ourselves for a month,” Sharon told Conan. “He is actually doing amazing, he is so strong a positive.

“My son will conquer!” she said of the 26-year-old.

Sharon’s optimistic was a far cry from her emotional meltdown on CBS’ The Talk on Monday, during which she tearfully talked about Jack’s diagnosis and thanked fans for their support.

Back on Conan, when asked about a rumored tiff with fellow Brit Simon Cowell, Sharon said she thinks “he’s suffering from small penis syndrome” after a book came out implicating the music mogul as a rampant lothario unafraid to brag about his conquests.

“That means that guys that kiss and tell usually do that because they’ve got a small penis,” Osbourne, 59, said. “It makes up for the size of the willy.”

She added that her sentiment about Simon is comparable to the idea of middle-aged men riding expensive sports cars to make up for other shortcomings.

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“I mean, haven’t you ever seen Jay Leno riding in that …” the America’s Got Talent star said.

“Oh my God,” Conan said, before launching into his best Jay impression. “People compensate, yeah!”

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