EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Spencer Pratt's Short-Lived Karate Kid Phase

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Spencer Pratt's Short-Lived Karate Kid Phase

By Radar Staff

Ever wish you could kick reality TV star Spencer Pratt‘s butt?

Somebody a few years back got to do just that, and it was all legal, and caught on this exclusive RadarOnline.com video!

On the film a winded Pratt, then 19, is getting manhandled, pinned, twisted and turned by a more experienced martial artist during the 2004 US Open Jiu-Jitsu in Santa Cruz, Calif.

And Pratt, who’s married to Hills castmate Heidi Montag, remembers as if it were yesterday.

“It was my first tournament,” explained Pratt, who fancies himself as a tough man. “I was a purple belt, which is the equivalent to a black belt in most martial arts. I, of course, had to go for the purple belt because I thought I was in karate kid or something.”

Karate Kid? Hey, the real karate kid wins!

“I had real competition,” Pratt said, “the guy that beat me was the world champion in our weight class the year before. If I had beat that guy I would have had to face Nick Diaz, strike force champion for MMR.”

Pratt, a graduate of MTV’s The Hills, got the message loud and clear. One of his ears started swelling into a cauliflower shape, so he gave up the sport.

“I’m now more into wing chun (another martial art) because you spend more time standing up, and I don’t want to fight on the ground anymore,” he said, admitting he should never have entered in the 2004 tournament.

“I was (entered) because it was the open,” he told RadarOnline. “But I had been purple belt for barely six months and the guy I was fighting had been purple for six years. Today I am thinking of getting in shape. My friend is going to start training me.  I’ll be in shape by the summer. I’m going back to try it again because I want to end on a winning note.”

We hope there’ll be a tape of his grand return to the competition!



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