VIDEO: Mel Gibson's Wacky 'Beaver' Trailer

VIDEO: Mel Gibson's Wacky 'Beaver' Trailer

Jodie Foster may just pull off the impossible — salvage Mel Gibson‘s movie career with The Beaver, her bizarre, weird and strangely watchable new movie.

You can watch the film’s just-released trailer here on

Foster directed the film in which she and Gibson play a couple whose marriage falls apart because of his depression.  A toy executive, Gibson’s character makes a beaver puppet his alter ego, alienating his wife and kids and business associates even more.  But ultimately the furry puppet helps lead him back to the people he loves.

The film was shot months before audio tapes of Gibson’s infamous meltdown were heard exclusively on, and its release went into limbo.

Now Summit Entertainment, the folks behind the Twilight flicks, has put its promotion wheels in motion, with a spring release being scheduled.

Gibson and former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva are in the midst of a tortured legal negotiation over custody of their daughter Lucia, as well as financial issues.

Gibson and Foster have been friends since they costarred in Maverick in 1994.  Earlier this year, Jodie stirred up considerable controversy when she publicly defended her old friend.

She told the October issue of More magazine, “When you love a friend, you don’t abandon them when they are struggling.”

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