Tom Cruise Is A 'Spoiled Brat' & Ben Affleck Is 'Boring,' Says Film Critic

Tom Cruise Is A 'Spoiled Brat' & Ben Affleck Is 'Boring,' Says Film Critic

Noted British film critic David Thomson has just released the latest edition of his The New Biographical Dictionary of Film, and this time the author is pulling no punches in his descriptions of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Tom Cruise is the worst of the spoiled brats of Hollywood,” writes Thomson, who has been a fixture in film critique for 35 years.

He calls Hilary Swank‘s work “dull” and “ordinary.”

Demi Moore didn’t make out any better.  “She has no dramatic sense,” writes Thomson.

He tackles Matt Damon for his “lack of good looks” and his “squashed and rebuilt face.”

And Matt’s best buddy Ben Affleck?  Thomson calls him “boring, complacent and criminally lucky to have got away with everything so far.” That hurts!

But Thomson is a surprising fan of one of Hollywood’s golden girls.

“While one can make gentle fun of Jennifer Aniston, it’s hard to dislike her,” he writes.

Tell that to Rupert Everett!  As previously reported, the Brit actor publicly slammed Aniston for her “many flops,” questioning why Hollywood big wigs keep putting her in films.


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