‘RHOC’s’ Heather And Terry Dubrow Reveal Their Plastic Surgery Secrets: He’s Operated On Her — And Himself!

Real Housewives of Orange County couple Heather and Terry Dubrow revealed their plastic surgery secrets on Monday night’s Watch What Happens Live, telling Andy Cohen that Dr. Dubrow, a prominent plastic surgeon who also appears on the reality TV show Botched, has operated on her — as well as on himself!

Cohen boldly asked Heather, “Has Terry done anything surgically to you?”

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Heather first let her husband answer the question and Terry said, “I fixed an umbilical hernia on her abdomen after the kids.”

The TV housewife, 45, has given birth to their four children; an umbilical hernia, in which your belly button pops out due to weakness in the muscles around it, can occur after pregnancy.

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But that’s not all Heather has had done: She told Cohen, “And I get Botox and I get some Sculptra when I get really thin.”

Sculptra is an anti-aging facial injection that causes the skin to thicken and hide fat loss.

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Later on the Bravo talk show, Terry admitted he’s had a lot of plastic surgery himself: “I’ve had lasers, fillers, some CoolSculpting . . . I’ve had it all.”

Heather chimed in, “He did CoolSculpting to himself!”

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Terry explained, gesturing to the right side of his body, “Yeah, I did it on one side, just to see if it worked, you know, when they freeze the fat [off].”

But the plastic surgeon said his self-surgery with CoolSculpting (an alternative to liposuction) didn’t work: “It just caused great pain for three months.”

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Heather sighed, “And I had to hear about that.”

Cohen said a fan wanted to know why Terry never wears gloves during his pre-op examinations on his show Botched, in which he fixes plastic surgery gone bad with colleague Dr. Paul Nassif.

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“I’m just touching their skin; there’s no open wounds, there’s no infection to spread,” Terry shrugged.

Then, the Dubrows, who have been wed for 15 years, revealed what drives them crazy in their marriage.

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While passing a breast implant back and forth, Heather smiled about one of Terry’s annoying traits: “He watches himself on Botched over and over and over.”

As the audience howled with laughed, Terry admitted, “Yeah, I do do that.”

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Heather also revealed, “We have now started watching [Keeping Up with] the Kardashians to see the Botched promos.”

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