Chris Brown Speaks Out On Shooting At His Pre-VMAs Party,Tweets That The Incident Is ‘Disappointing’ As Suge Knight Is Being Treated For Gunshot Wounds

Chris Brown has issued a tweet referencing the bizarre nightclub shooting which sent rap mogul Suge Knight to the hospital, calling the incident “disappointing.”

The singer, who threw the pre-VMAs party in West Hollywood’s 1OAK  nightclub which ended with shots ringing out, wrote on Twitter, “It’s disappointing that we as a society can’t have fun or enjoy ourselves without any altercations sometimes. Miss me with the bullsh*t!!!”

Brown was not injured but as has previously reported, the shooting occurred early Sunday morning at his party to celebrate Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.

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The melee resulted in three people, including Knight, being injured. A woman was seen leaving the party covered in blood. One victim is reportedly in critical condition.

The incident is being investigated, but eyewitnesses have claimed Brown, who has had many scrapes with the law, was the target of the violence.

Meanwhile, Brown’s Twitter followers were supportive of the R & B singer sharing his thoughts, responding with such messages as “glad ur okay bby,” and “stay safe.” One fan marveled about the shooting, “That was some f*cked up sh*t.”

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Keep reading for further developments in the nightclub shooting story involving Brown and Knight.

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