Truce? Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston Call Court Settlement Conference In Child Support Battle

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have been battling for nearly six years over custody and child support for their son, Tripp. But has learned that there could be an end in sight: The Alaska couple have agreed to attempt to settle their differences outside of the courtroom, in a mediated settlement conference.

According to court papers filed in Alaska on July 17 and obtained by Radar, Palin and Johnston “have recently discussed a potentially judicially mediated settlement … In order to focus efforts (and attorney fees) toward resolution…”

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No date has been set, according to the documents, but they agreed to notify the court of “any outcome of the settlement conference . . . no later than 9/30/14.”

In the meantime, the former couple has asked the court to stay all scheduled evidentiary hearings pending the outcome of their conference.

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As Radar has reported, Johnston and Palin have been battling over his court-ordered child support payments, with both sides disagreeing on the amount owed, and some alleged totals topping $60,000. Palin could be especially keen to cut a deal now, since court records show that she made no income for nearly two years after stepping out of the spotlight to pursue her education at cosmetology school in Arizona.

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Stay tuned to Radar for the latest in the case.

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