Pippa Middleton’s ‘TODAY’ Interview – Royal Family Sources Tell Duchess’ Sister To ‘Shut Up!’

It might have been Pippa Middleton’s first television interview, but not everybody is excited about her appearance on TODAY. Multiple Sources tell RadarOnline.com that Buckingham Palace is none too pleased with the Duchess of Cambridge’s little sister!

“They are furious with Pippa,” one aristocratic source dished. “They wish that she would shut-up. It is obvious that she wants to define her identify and step out of her sisters shadow, however she needs to know her place.”

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The exclusive interview was a huge booking for TODAY and its embattled host Matt Lauer, who travelled all the way to London with the show’s executive producer to film the interview. But Palace brass isn’t happy that Kate Middleton’s little sister gave her first tell-all behind their royal backs, in fact, sources tell Radar that the Royal Family is “livid.”

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But other sources explain that Clarence House, the home of Prince William and Duchess Kate, signed off on the interview, which is slightly different from Buckingham Palace. The latter speaks for the Queen herself.

Originally Pippa wanted to participate in the interview when her book came out, but was “discouraged from doing it as it would appear she was using relationship with Kate to promote the book,” the source added.

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But the source also added that Pippa was using the interview as a forum to be approached again for other opportunities in media.

Right now there are no plans for Pippa to work for NBC.

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