Teresa Giudice’s Heartbreak: Juicy Joe ‘Ignoring’ Family Just DAYS Before Felony Sentencing

The clock is ticking for Teresa and Joe Giudice.

As their felony sentencing quickly approaches, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that the legally challenged couple are having their own family drama and Teresa is not happy with Juicy Joe!

“Teresa feels like Joe should be spending every minute that he can with her and their four girls, but he’s still doing his own thing, doing stuff with the guys and she’s getting really frustrated,” a source close to the Real Housewives of New Jersey star told Radar.

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“She doesn’t understand why he can’t just stay home with their girls and with her. She wants to know why he’s ignoring them.”

While Joe’s fidelity has been questioned repeatedly over the years, his wife isn’t worried about other women right now, it’s the other people he’s hanging out with.

“She knows that they just have DAYS left with Joe and the fact that he wants to spend time away from her and the girls is heartbreaking for Teresa.”

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After pleading guilty to their felony charges, the couple must return to court on July 8 to learn their fate and the source said Teresa is “terrified” about the outcome.

“Teresa expects that Joe will get sent to jail and be locked up for a long time and she’s terrified of what she’ll do when that happens,” the source told Radar.

“It’s getting closer and closer and she really doesn’t want to be sentenced, she just wants everything to go away. Teresa really doesn’t know what she’s going to do without Joe.”

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