The Oldest Person In The World Dies At 111 In New York City

Almost two months after being declared the World’s Oldest Man, Alexander Imich passed away Sunday at the age of 111.

Born in Poland on Feb. 4, 1903, Imich not only witnessed more than a century’s worth of historical events but he also survived many of them as well. Imich watched as the Nazis invaded his homeland in 1939 and even survived a Soviet gulag before immigrating to the U.S. in 1951.

The Upper West Side resident spent his life as a chemist and parapsychologist. He published an anthology of his research at 92, which was probably an indication that he had a long life ahead of him.

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The New York Observer reports that Imich credits his longevity to exercise, not drinking or smoking and eating well – although ice cream and chocolate reportedly fall on the approved food list.

But when the New York Times asked him what it’s like to hold this special record, the 111-year-old didn’t seem too thrilled.

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“Not like it’s the Nobel Prize,” he said.

There’s nothing quite like a little brutal honesty from a senior citizen.

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