Housewife Or Hypocrite? Porsha Williams Was Evangelist Preacher Before Forsaking Pulpit For Reality TV Infamy

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What would Jesus do? Certainly not drag someone across the floor by their weave. But although Porsha Williams did just that on national TV, has learned that not long ago the Real Housewives of Atlanta star was a self-professed woman of the Lord — and an evangelical preacher!

Newly leaked videos of Williams on the speaker circuit show her preaching enthusiastically at the altar of High Praise Christian Center Ministries in Lithonia, Georgia, in 2010.

Citing a “spiritual helmet” that can protect believers from drama, she insisted, “Just by being saved you can live in peace, because you ain’t worrying! All the problems that you be dealing with, all the lies that the devil’s telling you…[you can ignore] because [you] got the Word!”

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Clearly, her spiritual helmet isn’t on so tight these days, as her brawl at the RHOA reunion proved.

Watch the shocking clips of her from another era:

But even though Williams — the granddaughter of deceased preacher Hosea Williams — has found another way to live in the spotlight, she seems to have had a long-held belief that God would forgive her for her hair-pulling sins.

“It’s because of those iniquities that God created the help of salvation in the first place,” Williams, now 31, says in one of the clips. “God was watching us. He saw everything that had to do with sin … and he decided in that very moment that he was gonna save us. That’s what salvation is.”

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Unfortunately, she couldn’t save her marriage. As Radar has reported, her ex-husband Kordell Stewart has complained about how she went from a church lady to a fame-hungry reality star looking to “keep her name in the bright lights.”

“Her current behavior has nothing to do with me,” Stewart, 41, told Radar.

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