Lindsay Lohan’s Up To Her Old Antics! Cannes Partying Causing Painful Flashbacks, Friends Worried Her Partying Is ‘Out Of Control’

Lindsay Lohan’s wild behavior in Cannes is nothing new for the troubled starlet, and it is causing painful flashbacks for her close friends who worry that her partying is as “out of control” as it was in 2010 has exclusively learned.

The 27-year-old trouble starlet was spotted out at the French film festival on Wednesday night partying at the VIP Room nightclub and her familiar antics are distressing her friends.

“Lindsay is f**ked up and is out of her f**king head,” a source close to the Mean Girls star told Radar.

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“Lindsay is doing the exact opposite of what she should be doing.”

According to the source, Lohan has been spotted with her long-time friend Gavin Doyle, who is no stranger to the French party scene.

In 2010 when Lohan was scheduled to be in a Los Angeles court she claimed she lost her passport and as Radar reported, begged friends to fly her home on a private jet, to no avail.  She was also reportedly photographed sitting next to a table with a white substance in lines on the table.

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“Lindsay was also with Gavin four years ago,” the source told Radar.

And now he’s with her again. Everyone is worried that she’s back partying in Cannes and seeing the pictures of her in the club makes them think that she’s surrounding herself with her old friends and that her partying is out of control.”

The source said Lohan paid for Doyle’s plane ticket to the international hot spot and friends are worried “he is enabling her and making a mess of everything.”

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Fighting to stay clean, Lohan even has her brother, Michael Lohan Jr., on the trip with her.

“Her brother is working his ass off to make things work for her and he is basically banging his head against a brick wall,” the source told Radar.

“This is so sad that Lindsay has these horrible people around her again.”

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