Better Work On That Poker Face… Lady Gaga Named As Potential Witness In Bitter Lawsuit Between Her Former Managers

Lady Gaga‘s next gig could be at a New York City courthouse. has exclusively learned that the “Born This Way” singer’s former manager, Rob Fusari, recently told a judge that he wants her to take the stand in Fusari’s ongoing lawsuit with Gaga BFF Wendy Starland.

Starland has sued Fusari over claims that she helped discover Gaga and is therefore owed a substantial portion of the profits from her success. Should the case go to trial, Starland declared in recent court filings obtained by Radar that she wants Gaga to take the stand to talk about just what went down between the trio.

Gaga “will testify on a wide variety of topics,” the court papers claim, “including her discovery by Starland, the statements of Fusari to her concerning his agreement with Starland, her relationship and dealings with Starland and Fusari after Starland discovered her, and her opinion about Fusari’s character for truthfulness or untruthfulness, and the basis for that opinion.”

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Should Gaga be unable to testify for any reason, Starland states in the documents, he plans to have several sections of her deposition read aloud in court.

The court, however, has already determined that the deposition be sealed because it includes a plethora of sensitive information.

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In fact, as Radar reported, Fusari recently asked the court to seal several other documents in the case pertaining to Gaga, as he previously signed a non-disparagement agreement with her and would be subject to “heavy monetary fines” should the information be released.

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